Smart Bluetooth Bracelet Waterproof with stylish design Ideal companion for athletes and the best tool to follow your health G-Tab Smart Band W608

In addition to its stylish and stylish design, the G-Tab 608 gives you everything you need to keep up with your fitness routine. Not only can you set goals for your fitness, it helps you achieve them too. It works with a unique mechanism that tracks everything from calories to bedtime, and provides accurate, real-time analysis of the same overall and detailed planning of your daily activities. And many other features:
Know the weather and temperature
Measure daily steps, mileage, burned calories: Daily, weekly, and monthly reports of steps, mileage and calories can be viewed on the hourly dial-up application.
Measurement of heart beat + blood pressure + concentration of oxygen in the blood: You can determine the time you want to measure the heartbeat at the specified time can be seen daily reports about blood pressure and oxygen content in the blood.
Average sleep time, sleep time reminder, wake up alarm
Supports various sports: calculation of the duration of exercise, calories burned and speed in addition to calculating the rate of height and decline
Contains a Gps tracker to see the tracks cut during the exercise.
Receive phone notifications: You can connect the bracelet via Bluetooth with your phone and watch calls and messages in various chat programs such as Viber, Messenger, Whatsapp and social media notifications.
Remarkable movement and water drink alarm: You can set a specific time when the bracelet warns you to drink water or movement when sitting without movement for a long time.
Finding the phone through the bracelet: by sending a signal from the clock to the phone in the Search Phone property in the clock.

G-Tab W608

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