This unit comes with the main motherboard cable using a 20/24-pin connector and two ATX12V connectors that together form an EPS12V connector. This unit also features two 6-pin auxiliary power connectors for video card using independent cables, which is great, one cable containing three peripheral power plugs, one cable containing three peripheral power plugs and one floppy disk drive power plug and one cable containing two SATA power plugs.

The main drawback from this power supply is the presence of only two SATA power plugs, which is insufficient for today’s applications. If you have more than one hard disk drive you will need to convert one of the peripheral power plugs into a SATA power plug using an adapter.

All peripheral cables – including the auxiliary power cables for video cards – use 20 AWG wires, which are thinner than the wires used by other good power supplies on the same power range. The wires on the ATX12V/EPS12V cable and on the main motherboard cable are 18 AWG, though.


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