If you are a true Xiaomi fan, let us be attracted not only by their amazing phones and watches, but also by their wide range of household products. This time we present to you the Xiaomi Deerma DEM-ZQ610
5 in 1, Steam cleaner with five different heads and two extension tubes, cleaning any part of your home is no longer a problem. It will be black sofas, floors, textiles, faucets, fireplaces, etc.

The ZQ610 Can Clean Everything! Stay here and discover everything about Xiaomi's Steam Cleaner
It doesn't matter which part of the house you want to clean. With Xiaomi Deerma ZQ610 and its included headers, you can remove dirt from any surface. They adapt to stretch heads with their own extension tubes, and find lengths to clean higher areas of the house.
Of course, the Xiaomi ZQ610 5 in 1 Cleaner is ideal for letting the water to a high temperature, the dirt is removed effectively without the use of chemicals. And because the steamer works continuously, removing those stubborn stains won't be a problem.
The steam temperature of the Deerma DEM-ZQ610 Steamer has increased, which is ideal for cleaning kitchen stoves or an exhaust fan as well, as it effectively removes grease. You can also get rid of limescale on faucets and bathroom fixtures, dirt on windows and curtains, and dust and wrinkles on textiles.

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-ZQ610

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