Fashionable and simple: use high-quality aluminum, with sandblasting technology, the surface presents matte and sanded texture, feel comfortable and more wear-resistant.Delicate mini, does not block the air outlet, does not affect the air conditioning work, does not block the vision, lets you forget its existence completely

Natural plant extract / Pregnant women can also be used.Use safe plant extract essence and prepare it into a solid aromatherapy bar through professional preparation. Free of alcohol and additives, it is safe, healthy and natural

Continuous fragrance and effective odor removal: the essential oils fix the flavor core, decompose odors efficiently, and the aroma is fresh and elegant, improving the environment in the car,Away from the cigarette flavor, air conditioning, gasoline flavor and sweat smell, making the car space more comfortable

Front switch,Can control the concentration of aroma and volatile speed.Removable design, convenient to change the core of aroma, easy to disassemble and install, according to their mood and time to change different smell stick

Not easy to fall off, soft silicone tongs, strong stability, strong and does not damage the car vents framework, 360 ° simple installation, suitable for all kinds of models

Xiaomi Car Incense Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Freshener Perfume

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